Many of us focused a little more on gardening outside this year because the pandemic forced separation. It is both refreshing and therapeutic to care for plants, solve problems to better their health, and watch them grow. And the satisfaction that comes with creating your own medicine and food helps instill a kind of much needed mindfulness.

So harvest time comes with a little sadness that gardening season is over.
However gardening doesn't have to end with the season. Growing indoors is very possible, and using tents can help you build a compact area that can:

- control the photoperiod (hours of light) and fruit/flower when you determine

- keep a bright light from annoying your living space

- help reduce noise from pumps, fans and other equipment you may be using.

- help keep a clean tidy area and reduce likelihood of bug and mold problems

Here is how to plan for an indoor grow using a grow tent:

1. Find an area in your living space you can allocate for growing. Most small indoor gardens will use a space for these tent sizes:


If you have more space, there are many larger sizes available on the market. Then purchase your tent.

Brand names are preferred, sometimes knock-offs will have zipper issues or become torn easily.

2. Get equipment:
- a light suitable for your grow tent.
- a timer for your light
- an exhaust fan
- a thermometer/hygrometer
- also nice to have is a small circulating fan (both air circulation and ventilation/exhaust are beneficial)

3. Decide on your grow method.
You can make it very easy just using pots with a soil or soilless mix or get science with a hydroponic system.

Look for savings that you might find by purchasing a tent kit which offers one price for the basic
required tent and equipment.

November 20, 2020 — TREVOR WILKINSON