August is when we start to see many plants mature and begin flowering. This is a short guided tour of bloom boosters and finishers which may enhance the output from your garden. We are focused on the goals of yield, essential oil production and appearance. Nutritional goals are already in place.

We are going to talk about:

- p/k boosters
- amino acid boosters
- sugars
- pgr’s (plant growth regulators)
- flushing

PK boosters are fertilizer salt boosters. So they are feeding your plant directly. Just like if you were to start eating a whole lot of bacon. They work well and can enhance color and yield of flowers but some plants may not react well, preferring a more balanced diet. Try but observe your plants response. TripTonic provides a mild pk enhancement that can be used regularly during flower for most varieties.

Amino acids are a healthy way to influence the mechanisms of biochemistry. They are also readily available in health store for human consumption. Many companies have developed amino boosters that are effective for yield and appearance. Triptonic Bigger Bud is a craft amino which will stimulate plant metabolism, reduce stress and improve overall health.


Sugars are an excellent source of food for the biologics in the rhizoshpere which can improve health, create nutrients. Many people find improved flavor when using sugars. But more is not better. Molasses should be used periodically. Branded sugar blends like TripTonic Terpz and terpene enhancers like TripTonic Terpz should be used according to label directions. Ensure that you omit sugars from your feed a week or two prior to harvest. The right amount of sugar is sweet – too much is sheet.

PGR’s are non fertilizer growth stimulants. They can be natural, organic or synthetic. They are usually things like hormones and vitamins. Many stimulants occur naturally in kelp (although these are not particularly good flowering stimulants). Amino acids in TripTonic Bigger Bud can be considered a PGR. In as much as Terpz stimulates essential oils production with sugars, it can also be considered a PGR.

But PGR’s have a dark side. They can include very powerful chemical agents that have specific uses in horticulture but may not be appropriate for crops that humans consume. Follow directions and ask for assistance from your grow store if you have questions.

Flushing helps the plant finish consumption of food provided to the root zone so it can metabolize and properly ripen. It really is nothing to stress about, particularly outside. Just give your plants water without nutrients for a week or more before harvest. There are flushing products that help dissolve salts that have built up over time and help reduce flushing time.

Congratulations – you are now ready for your harvest and cure!

August 17, 2020 — TREVOR WILKINSON