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Diablo Alpha Rooting Gel 2 oz

Diablo Alpha Rooting Gel 2 oz


Unleash the Beast with Diablo Nutrients

Propagation or “cloning” of plants is the easiest way to capture genetic traits and produce new plants that are almost identical to the mother plant and be able to renew and reproduce existing plant strains.

Alpha Rooting Gel puts a thin coating that cover the open wound and helps initiate those new roots in vegetative propagation. Use immediately after taking the clones and just before inserting the cuttings (stem) into the growing medium.

One of the challenges in rooting cuttings is getting them to rapidly produce new roots and take hold in the chosen medium whether you’ve used sand, soil, soilless, coco (coir), Rockwool or any other sterile medium. The use of a heating mat is also helpful in speeding up the process along with Alpha Rooting Gel.

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