AC Infinity Cloudlab 422 Grow Tent 2'x2'x4'


Thicker, More Robust
This grow tent uses the most durable oxford canvas you will find, with a thickness rating of 2000D. It is not only water-resistant but will also not rip or tear after regular use and transportation. Cross patterned mylar lines the grow tent’s inner walls, specifically designed to reflect and amplify your grow light’s output. The oxford canvas wraps around a resilient steel frame, which is made up of thicker 22 mm poles (when compared to 18 mm thick poles in other tents). Roof support beams hang on top of the frame to carry twice as much weight as standard grow tents, up to 100 pounds of inline duct fans and grow lights.

No Light Leaking
Using an inner ribbon strip, the zipper creates a lightproof seal from the inside without the need for additional flaps and adhesive tape. In addition, the thick 2000D oxford’s durability and high-quality stitching ensures that no light will leak into the grow as a result of ripping or tearing. The duct ports’ double cinching design cuts off light in two places when used with duct tubes or for cable routing.
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