Azomite Granulated\Pelletized 44lb


AZOMITE is a natural mineral substance which is mined directly from its Utah desert source. OMRI-Listed for organic production, AZOMITE can be used as an agricultural fertilizer and/or soil amendment product, It is easy and safe to use and good for the environment.

 Many nutrient elements have been depleted from soils worldwide due to weathering, leaching, and depletion from decades of continuous agricultural production and AZOMITE® been reported to replenish these nutrients. Technically, AZOMITE is a highly mineralized complex silica ore (Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicate or HSCAS), mined in Utah from an ancient deposit left by a volcanic eruption that filled a small seabed an estimated 30 million years ago.

Our Granulated product is formed into easy-to-handle and store granules. Once applied to the soil, granules will break down over a week or two once irrigation or rainfall occurs. Granulated is ideal for:

  • Broadcast spreading
  • Fertilizer blends
  • Starter fertilizers
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