CopperGro 20L


Copper Gro is a patent pending solution that provides a two-pronged approach to increasing yields, by simultaneously promoting natural growth and defending against natural threats.

Biostimulant. The formulation of Copper Gro stimulates existing enzymes in plants that enhance the availability of iron, calcium, manganese, and other essential nutrients crucial in the production of chlorophyll, the pigment that makes plants green. That in turn allows plants to absorb more energy from light—and grow, grow, grow!

Organic Biocide. The active ingredients in Copper Gro serve as a natural defence against the chief stressors on plants: pests, fungi and bacteria. Delivered through a foliar spray, these elements are formulated in concentrations that disrupt the life processes of stressors, freeing up more of the energy that plants need to flourish.
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