Excellofizz CO2 puck


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Excellofizz is perfect for the grower who has been considering the use of CO2 but has been hesitating due to the high cost factor, or for growers in a small area. Try Excellofizz for 1 month during flowering and see what a difference CO2 makes. Excellofizz is designed for the smaller indoor grower. It allows a simple and economical way of providing accurate CO2 to your plants with no equipment needed for dispensing or monitoring, especially in situations where venting is limited. Excellofizz emits the proper CO2 levels for indoor plants by reacting and giving off pure CO2 gas and also absorbing oxygen from the air. Simply place one of the Excellofizz pucks into the container provided. Pour 2-1/2 ounces of water into the container and leave the lid open slightly. Excellofizz will then slowly react emitting the proper amount of CO2 gas for approximately 5 hours into the photo period. Excellofizz will then continue to increase CO2 levels after the reaction has completely subsided by absorbing oxygen from the air. Each puck when reacted will emit enough CO2 gas in a 10 x 10 area to raise the level by approximately 1600ppm. This will give a total of 1900-2200ppm for optimum growth. Excellofizz pucks are now 20% larger and last 3 hours longer total of 8 hours, and will now treat up to a 10 x 12 room.