Filter Patch Spawn Bags 0.5 micron


A Spawn Bags with Filter Patch is an autoclavable incubation bag with a micro-porous filter that allows gas exchange but prevents the passage of contaminants. Spawn Bags with Filter Patches are an economical substitute to canning jars. When producing bulk amounts of substrate, Spawn Bags with Filter Patches are able to hold larger amounts of rye grain, seed, or any substrate that you may be using. 

Quick tip.   Spawn Bags with Filter Patches can not withstand a dry heat.  Spawn bags with or without a filter should not be used in any form of a dry heat.  For example, an over or flame based area.  Grain based spawns need both heat and pressure to proper sterilize.  The use of either a pressure cooker or a steam sterilizer (also called an autoclave) is needed to kill any contaminates or microbes residing on the grain.  Most will cook/sterilize grain for 1.5 to 2 full hours once 15 P.S.I. has been reached.  After that time has passed, you should let the fully cooked spawn sit for at least 8 hours before inoculating.

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