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Gaia Green Glacial Rock Dust

Gaia Green Glacial Rock Dust



In gardens and landscapes: Use up to 12 kg per 100m­2 (25 lbs per 1000ft2­). Gently dig into soil surface once a month or as desired.

 Transplanting and premixing soil for potted plants and planter boxes: 15 ml per 4 L (1 tbsp per gallon) of soil or growing medium.  Thoroughly mix into soil or growing medium.

 Apply generously, Glacial Rock Dust will not burn.


  • Helps re-mineralize soil
  • An excellent source of magnesium, iron, and manganese
  • Helps improve soil structure, moisture retention and drainage, and cation exchange capacity


GAIA GREEN Glacial Rock Dust is mined from a glacial moraine in Canada, and is the result of thousands of years of piedmont glacial action.  As the glaciers travelled from north to south during the last ice age, they picked up rocks containing a range of minerals and trace elements.  As the glacier receded at the end of the ice age, it left behind deposits of glacial moraine.  These deposits are mined, dried, and screened to be used as a natural soil amendment. 


 GAIA GREEN Glacial Rock Dust is approved for use in organic agriculture by Ecocert Canada (in compliance with Canada’s Organic Production Systems General Principles & Management Standards and Permitted Substances Lists (CAN/CGSB 32.310-2015 and CAN/CGSB 32.311-2015)).

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