Nurture Growth Bio-Fertilizer 1L


Nurture Growth’s innovative bio-organic fertilizer uses the science of “biomimicry” to emulate what happens in nature to promote plant health and improve soil conditions. Our proprietary formulation contains living micro-organisms.  When these are properly applied to seeds or plant surfaces, the micro-organisms colonize the interior of the plant and increase the supply of essential nutrients along with other mineral nutrients that the plant needs to thrive.

Although there is an abundance of nitrogen (N) in the atmosphere, it is inaccessible to most plants unless it is converted into other nitrogen compounds through a process known as nitrogen fixation. Nurture Growth’s micro-organism fixates nitrogen by absorbing and binding it to the root hairs of the host plant.  This enables the roots to multiply increasing the density of the root system. Nurture Growth’s bio-fertilizer also contains microbes that solubilize insoluble nutrients such as Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K), both of which already exist in the soil. The Phosphate solubilizing microbes increase plant growth and crop yield while the Potassium solubilizing microbes help to maintain the water content of plant cells. As a result of the increased NPK and the microbial activities in the soil, roots and stems, the plant is healthier and produces higher yields.