Sunmaster 315w CMH Full Nova


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Sunmaster engineers designed the FULL NOVA product family to replicate the balanced spectrum of sunlight. 
The entire FULL NOVA product family has a very full, nutritional spectrum which contrasts heavily with the partial, or non-balanced spectrum provided by other light sources such as LED and HPS. 
FULL NOVA grow lamps deliver nutritional light, weighted in all areas of the spectrum to support critical areas of plant growth including chlorophyll A, chlorophyll B and carotenoids.

Plants have evolved over millions of years. 
As they have adapted within their particular environments, they have optimized the process of photosynthesis, critical to their survival. 
This optimization has been dictated by the precise spectrum delivered by natural sunlight.

Individual lamps within Sunmaster’s FULL NOVA family have been specifically tailored to elevate key wavelengths of the blue and red areas within the balanced spectrum. 
These spectral ‘tweaks’ encourage desired plant responses such as compact vegetative growth and robust flowering, depending on the lamp.

- Supports healthy plant growth
- Encourages thick vegetative growth, strong flowering
- Long life

- Balanced, nutritional spectrum (emulating sunlight)
- Proprietary Venture Lighting / Sunmaster lamp chemistry
- E-ballast compatible
- Full one-year warranty

Detailed description
- WATTS : 315
- COLOR TEMP. (CCT) : 3000K
- µMOL (TOTAL) : 630 
- µMOL (400-700nm) : 575
- LIFE HOURS : 25,000