Wilson Roots 50ml



Plants develop sturdier roots when they receive aid from Wilson Roots Booster. Once excellent root development is achieved, plants go on to produce a bumper harvest. Many gardeners and horticulturists praise this product as a rooting stimulant because it contains natural agents that encourage the growth of roots without causing any adverse effects to plants.

It is a liquid formula that not only stimulates rapid root formation but also helps control plant diseases found in the soil. It is particularly a terrific fungicide that protects roots from diseases such as those borne by Pythium. It also contains essential nutrients that support healthy root development in plants.

It stimulates a plant to produce a dense population of new roots and at the same time strengthen existing root systems. This makes it exceeding useful during periods when plants are actively growing. This is because it contains organic acids derived from various minerals as well as humates that promote profuse root development.

It works great for plants growing in all kinds of soils, gardens and potting mixes.

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