Eco-Tea 5 gallon kit


Benefits of EcoTea™

Increases pest resistance and disease suppression

The beneficial microorganisms in EcoTea™ consume harmful herbivores and pathogenic organisms but does not harm beneficial insects. As well the microbes compete for the space and resources with harmful bacteria and pests, thus inhibiting their presence. Stronger and healthier plants are better suited to resist the attack of pest insects. Also, in the presence of pathogens, several of our microbes have the ability to produce small amounts of antibiotics to fend off the disease.

Restores soil

Many agricultural soils are under stress from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. These chemicals eliminate much of the soil biodiversity and under these conditions micro-invertibrate, bacterial and fungal pests are able to proliferate. EcoTea re-introduces the beneficial microorganisms into the soil and restores it to a more natural, healthy form.

Provides immediate nutrients

The nutrients present in soil must be in particular forms in order for plants to benefit from them and many are locked up in humic materials within soil aggregates. Humic materials are processed by bacteria and protozoa unlocking the stored nutrients, Nitrogen in particular, into forms useful to plants. The beneficial organisms in EcoTea feed on substances naturally present in the soil, unlocking them for plant use as required by plants.

Stimulates plant growth

Our microorganisms release micro-nutrients, plant hormones and enzymes into the root zones, readily available for plant uptake. In return, the plant releases sugars into the surrounding soil as a fuel source for microbes. By utilizing these hormones and enzymes, plants do not need to expend energy creating them and in turn can focus on more vigorous growth.

Improves soil nutrient retention

When synthetic nutrients are added to soil, nothing holds them in place. With irrigation and rainfall, nutrients often swiftly drift below the root zone rendering them useless to plants. Nutrient leaching contributes to ground water contamination in areas of intense agriculture and leads to soil acidification. EcoTea microbes extend the reach of the plant roots making use of nutrients applied.

Improves soil structure

EcoTea™ will naturally improve the structure of your soil via microbial, fungal and invertebrate action. This allows oxygen to move into and through the soil. It allows plants to easily move their roots through the soil. Many of our fungi attach to the root hair and can increase the reach of the plant roots. They act as micro highways for the bacteria to travel from the nutrient source back to the plant root. It improves moisture retention which is a key component in microbe function. It improves your soil’s ability to deal with erosion and compaction.

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