Marshmallow Seeds


A supremely useful plant for permaculture and natural medicine, Marshmallow also makes a pretty addition to the wildflower garden where the bees will buzz with joy. Native to Europe, this widely naturalized plant is hardy to zone 4 and grows 3 - 6' tall in sun or part shade. Not for super-dry areas. Best germination is with winter sowing (cold moist stratification). Roots are chock full of soothing mucilage and are often used to make soothing teas as well as ointments and creams. Dig roots once plants are dormant in late fall, slice thin and dry for winter use. Flowers and young leaves are also edible and can be eaten fresh in salads. And yes marshmallows were historically made from this plant.

Althea officinalis

Hardiness zone: 3-7

Bloom type: Perennial

approx 100 seeds


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