Orange Self Healing Injection Port


These Self Healing Injection fit a 13 mm diameter opening. 

These ports maintain a constant shape. Most will use these ports in conjunction with a plastic canning jar lid or some other spawn/substrate-based container. Connecting the ports to the lids is as simple as drilling a hole and adhering it to the lid! We recommend using a silicone or high temperature based glue.

Many mushroom growers will also use self-healing injection ports in synthetic filter discs. The same procedure applies to filter discs as with plastic canning jars. Simply drill or slice a hole the size of the injection port in the synthetic filter discs, glue then let dry.

If using the injection ports just for spawn masters, growers can use any standard silicone glue.  If the container is being placed inside a pressure cook or steam sterilize, you should use a high-temperature glue that will withstand both heat and pressure.

These ports can withstand high temperatures and pressure but if the glue you use can not, then you’ll have a poor seal which can lead to contamination.

Do not use self-healing injection ports inside of an oven.  The ports can withstand a wet heat source such as a pressure cooker or autoclave. As a result, the ports will not survive hot dry heat. Lastly, a quick tip… Losing a syringe needle is never fun. These injection ports work as a great plug!

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