Renegade Red Sweet Bell Pepper Seeds


Super early red sweet bell pepper bred and selected cooperatively in and for organic growing systems on organic farms across Ontario. Taste tested at market against hybrid bell peppers this delicious pepper came out on top for flavour. The gene pool is diverse and occasionally a tasty, early yellow bell will appear. We are working on these yellow peppers with fellow breeders Annie Richard, Kathy Rothermel, Greta Kryger and Rebbeca Ivanhoff in the hopes of releasing a tasty, early yellow bell in the near future. We are able to offer this amazing pepper due to the support of Cornell University's Michael Mazourek and the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario’s Farmer-led Research Program. This is an OSSI pledged variety.

Capsicum annuum

Approx. 30 Seeds

62-75 days

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