Terra Hulless Oats Seeds


Naked oats anyone? This is the variety to try if you want to grow and process a small plot of oats. It is early, high yielding, has a good sized seed and is somewhat resistant to lodging (falling over). The best part is the fact that they are easier to thresh than hulled oats. Try placing the ripe heads on a boot mat and stomping on them. Once the seeds are free of the heads, you can cook them like rice, grind into flour, or roll or cut for oatmeal. 100 days.

Avena nuda

Broadcast in early spring by hand into well prepped and drained soil and lightly rake seed into the earth. Oats may also be directly sown into a trench no deeper than 3cm (1.5“). Space rows 36cm (14”) apart.

Approx. 100 Seeds

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