Vitamax Plus 4L 1-1-2

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VitaMax Plus is identical to VitaMax, but has added micronutrients, calcium, and special enzymes designed to give the plants that extra Plus needed to boost the plant. VitaMax is a scientifically created formula designed to enhance, increase and assist plant growth. VitaMax contains a host of minerals, vitamins, micro elements, and natural growth hormones used together to benefit and bolster the internal health and appearance of your plants. The VitaMax formula was designed by a scientist for use in the garden or greenhouse. Grotek has packaged it for use by hobby growers and gardeners alike. VitaMax stimulates growth while reducing factors which stress the plant. VitaMax pushes the growth system enabling the plant to develop at an accelerated rate. A healthier plant has better root development, larger buds, blooms, fruits and flowers. VitaMax Plus should be added to the nutrient tank as a part of the regular feeding program or to each individual plant where it is necessary. Use at a rate of 1-2 teaspoons per gallon.
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