Vorgebirgstrauben Pickling Cucumber Seeds


These delightful little cucumbers are perfect for putting up jars and jars of tiny gherkins when small and can be left to get a little larger for crocks of dills. The flesh is nice and crisp and has a fresh, never bitter flavour. The skin is quite different from what we are used to in a pickler. It is slightly dimpled and bumpy with a smooth, not prickly surface. The plants are super productive and when the fruits are tiny they are so numerous they almost look like grapes. Hence the trauben part of the name which translates to grape in English. We are really happy to be able to offer this little gem of a pickler and hope you like it.

Cucumis sativis

Days to Maturity: 55-60 days

Approx. approx 40 Seeds

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